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Jacqui Duran 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


My Story


I had big dreams, but they didn’t have anything to do with direct sales. I was working my way through my business degree and shifting into a management position in a large health care system. I had all the things ... salary, 401K, meetings, long hours, reports, and lots of emails. None of that was getting me out of bed in the morning.

Along my way I had joined Scentsy and had been working it as my ‘side gig’ and not thinking it would really be anything other than that. But it was after a really long week at work, that I attended a Scentsy World Tour and listened to a passionate mom stand on a stage and talk about how she was able to stay at home with her kids, do things she enjoyed doing, and was able to make real income. I thought to myself, if she can do it, then so can I. So I started.

I sat down and decided that I needed a real goal. A goal that would be more than ‘just to get my nails done.’ I sat with my husband and we decided that if I could take over the car payment, that would be a monthly payment that would make a difference for our family budget. I started to plan time to carve out ways to work my business. I watched trainings, showed up for team meetings and started looking at my side gig as a real job.

Every month I kept doing the things that were working, and before I knew it, I had promoted to Director. It was the end of 2018 and I had just gotten word that my position at work was being outsourced. I had a decision ... start over in a new department, or leave the company. My husband and I prayed and talked the whole weekend ... by the end, he was sure that if I could continue growing my business, he had faith I could do this as my full time income.

I now had a new goal. I wrote it down. I made a plan. And then I went to working my business intentionally. I continued to build my monthly commission and my team was growing. I promoted to Star Director in August of 2020, and I am working on growing my business to promote to SuperStar Director and retire my husband.

In 2021, we moved into our dream home, and I am still working my Scentsy business full time and am proud to say that my income not only pays our house payment and utilities, but more. I have made friends that I am so close with, earned all-expenses paid trips for an Alaskan Cruise, to Bermuda, Walt Disney World, Apple Gift Cards and more. I had all the things ... working from home, working around my family’s schedule, having fun, laughing every day, and enjoying my job very much.

I found that the key to any success is to be authentically YOU.  That's right - no magic formula, no silly marketing ploy, just be yourself.  Authenticity is what drives us and what makes us come alive via social media.  It's nice finding common ground and knowing that being myself is how I now build relationships.  It's authentic, and those are the relationships that last the longest.  

So, come along with me and my journey!  My YouTube channel is filled with all things Scentsy, including just being ME.  Instagram (@thejacquiduran) is where you will find me being the most 'real' and sharing my life, my passion for Scentsy, and all the fun that comes along with it.  I have to say .... for me, Scentsy used to be just a product.  Just something to pay a car payment.

As I sit here today, this business has truly changed my life. It’s GIVEN me life. Instead of waking up at 5am every day to go sit in a cubicle, now, I leisurely enjoy my coffee on our back deck, wear my slides with fuzzy socks, and look forward to sharing fragrance with people, and helping others to reach the goals they are setting for themselves. For their life and their families. I love my job. And it all started with A CAR PAYMENT.

🖤 Jacqui

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